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9 Charming Facts About Sunset Beach You May Not Know

If you're looking for a hidden gem on the East Coast, look no further than Sunset Beach, NC. This quaint and charming island is south of Ocean Isle Beach and north of Myrtle Beach. It is a popular destination for those seeking a relaxing beach vacation away from ... View the full post »

6 Fun Things to Do on Your Summer Vacation to Sunset Beach, NC

Are you preparing for your summer beach vacation and thinking about things to do? Sunset Beach, NC, has endless fun for you and your family, keeping you busy all vacation long. If you want more ideas for your vacation itinerary, this blog is for you. From hanging out on t... View the full post »

Why the Brunswick Islands are One of the Best Vacations You'll Take

If you're looking for an excellent place to go for a summer vacation, the Brunswick Islands are one of the most beautiful places on the North Carolina coastline. With beaches like Sunset Beach often voted as one of the best beaches to visit, it's a place you don&#... View the full post »

Learn About 4 Jellyfish You Might See at the Beach and How to Be Safe

Sunset Beach is home to many fascinating marine species that help make up the beauty of the island. One such species that is beautiful and interesting to learn about are jellyfish. Sunset Beach has several different kinds off its coasts, some of which include the Atlantic... View the full post »

5 Lesser-Known Fascinating Facts About Sea Turtles and How to Help Them

With the northern hemisphere well into spring, it is that time of year when sea turtles return to their nesting grounds to lay eggs and bring new generations of sea turtles into the world. It is a time of year loved by many marine and animal lovers who jump at the opportu... View the full post »