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7 Foods You Need to Try While On Vacation in Sunset Beach, NC

Trying new foods is fun, especially on vacation.  Things just taste better when you are away from the monotony of home. And, when you travel, there are so many new things to try! It's important to experience the local cuisine. You will feel more connected to ... View the full post »

How to Fly a Kite On the Beach

If you are like most people, you buy a kite, run around with it, and hope it will end up in the sky. But as we did a little research for this blog, we realized that there are actually some tricks that will help your kite get airborne, stay airborne, and hopefully not impa... View the full post »

Cheers! Breweries and Wine Bars Near Sunset Beach, NC

Do you love to try new wines & beers?  Vacation is the perfect time to do it. The area around Sunset Beach is home to several fun breweries and wineries that are sure to entertain the "over 21" set in your group! Today on the blog we will direct you to a few ... View the full post »

Want to Get Married in Sunset Beach? We Can Help!

Dreaming of a beach wedding?  Or perhaps, you just want to celebrate your reception or honeymoon here? You might be surprised at how many wonderful resources are at your disposal in the Brunswick Islands. If a destination wedding is what you seek, we can help. No... View the full post »

Kids! Print This Beach-Themed Scavenger Hunt

Get ready to do a fun beach-themed scavenger hunt! Print this scavenger hunt before your next Sunset Beach vacation. Kids love the beach, but sometimes the novelty of the sun and sand wears off after a couple of days. That's when it's time to hand them a quick... View the full post »

How to Take a Day Trip to Southport, NC

Southport, NC is only about 48 minutes from our office in Sunset Beach.  Southport is the perfect little day trip. It has tons of wonderful restaurants, great shopping, fun coffee shops, interesting events and easy access to the Oak Island Lighthouse and Bald Hea... View the full post »

Learn to Do Something New On Vacation

Vacation is the BEST time to learn something new!  You have left the office behind. The responsibilities of house and home are on pause. Kids are taking a break from school. It's time to open up your mind to a new experience! Odds are good that "home" do... View the full post »

Delicious Waterfront Dining in and Around Sunset Beach

Searching for waterfront dining in Sunset Beach?  Today's blog will list a few beautiful and tranquil spots to enjoy a waterfront meal or beverage during your next Sunset Beach vacation! After all, the views of the ocean, bays and marshes are one of the main ... View the full post »

Ice Cream & Candy Shops of Sunset Beach

Treat yourself!  A stop for ice cream or sweets should definitely be on the vacation agenda. Sunset Beach, NC is home to several wonderful little shops where you can grab a delicious ice cream treat, candy, and other desserts. You can even use this list as a brib... View the full post »

Explore These Dog Friendly Sunset Beach Rentals

Did you know that Sunset Vacations manages over 40 dog-friendly rentals?  That's right - if you book early enough, you can snag one of our dog-friendly Sunset Beach rentals for yourself. Most of these rentals allow up to two dogs for a fee of about $150. Read... View the full post »

Free Things to Do on Your Sunset Beach Vacation

Often, when we think about going on vacation, all we can think is ... how are we going to afford this? If you are reading this blog, odds are good that you have already discovered our little secret - Sunset Beach, North Carolina! Sunset Beach is small, friendly ... View the full post »

Smile! 8 Summer Beach Quotes to Energize Your Day

We are ready for summer!  Bright sunshine, warm breezes, refreshing, salty waves and icy cold drinks - these are just a few of the things that bring us joy each summer! When we can't be physically AT the beach, we really love to browse fun beachy quotes on Pi... View the full post »

Celebrate National Shrimp Day With These 4 Recipes

May 10th is National Shrimp Day!  Here on the North Carolina coast, every day is Shrimp Day. We love it fried, broiled, grilled, seasoned, spicy, mixed in salads, pastas, and more! What is your favorite recipe? Today we have selected four simple, delicious r... View the full post »

How to Update Your Beach House With Style

Do you own (or want to own) a beach house?  Here at Sunset Vacations, we know that certain improvements get your beach house rented out faster and for more money. Whether you have the budget for am entire kitchen overhaul or are more interested in a few (les... View the full post »

Plan a Guys Getaway in Sunset Beach, NC

Guys need to get away, too. Whether you want to vacation with your brothers, college friends, or work buddies, Sunset Beach is actually a great place to do it. With the bigger city of Myrtle Beach just 40 minutes away, Sunset Beach offers your crew a peaceful place to han... View the full post »