How to Soak Up the Most Rejuvenation This Beautiful Summer

How to Soak Up the Most Rejuvenation This Beautiful Summer

Are you longing for laughter? Snarky humor? To become friends with someone who has a crazy sense of adventure, is constantly landing neck-deep in crazy situations, and is rescued in even more crazy ways? Don’t fret! This is completely possible! With a delicious beach read. 

That’s right. All you have to do for the most rejuvenating afternoon of your entire summer is lean back in a low-swinging beach chair, burry your toes in the warm sand, and watch your children laugh down the beach and through the waves. Then, pick up your kindle (or other e-reader), and let yourself slip into a story that transports you into a hilarious and (almost!) believable world. When you emerge from the fabulous fictional world and back into the sun, you will feel as good as if you had just had an entire spa day, without having to spend the same amount of money. Your brain will be rejuvenated. And you will have the energy to be patient with your children and to love your daily life. 

Would you like to get started on this rejuvenation? Then check out the book we have in store for you below!

The Book: Just Add Salt by Jinx SchwartzJust Add Salt Book Cover

Have you ever taken a crazy chance - done something you knew probably wasn’t a really good idea - just because you felt goaded into it? Then you will sympathize with Hetta Coffey. 

Hetta is a self-employed engineer who gave up still and dry land to live on her beautiful new boat. She is enjoying life and settling into a routine, living on the water still being rather new to her, when a good friend makes her aware of a company that is looking for a private contractor. Near Baja. 

While she contemplates the position (after all, the money sounds extremely intriguing - living on a boat cuts costs, but it still isn’t free) she talks it over with her boyfriend Jenks. Who is working overseas himself. Jenks thinks that the job offer sounds a little fishy and cautions her against taking it. Which only makes Hetta want to take the job all the more. After all, she doesn’t take orders from any man! Or any woman for that matter either. 

Then, when Hetta finds out from her best friend Jan (who is dating Jenks’s brother) that Jenks and his brother are planning on staying in the Middle East indefinitely, she decides that instead of flying out and making Jenks suffer, she will just take the job in Mexico and travel down in her boat with Jan.

When the captain Hetta and Jan hire begins acting fishy, and the hurricanes began to try to drown the trio, Hetta begins to reconsider her decision to take the international contract. And when she starts to suspect her employers are up to something a little more than fishy, she wonders how she will be able to get out of the mess she has gotten herself into. Especially since Jenks is out of the picture. Or is he? And what is going to happen to Hetta and Jan since the hurricane is keeping the dynamic duo dangerously close to Hetta’s fishy new employers?

You will have to read Just Add Salt yourself to find out! While the book is a delightful escape no matter where you are at when you read it, it gives you the most rejuvenation when you indulge in it on the beach! On Sunset Beach, especially! 

Stay a while with us in one of our stunning vacation rentals, and you will get to have many afternoons indulging like this! We can’t wait to see you relaxing on our beach! 


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