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How to Bring the Beach to Your Thanksgiving Table

This Thanksgiving, let the beach guide your gathering – from the foods you lovingly place on the table to the decor that surrounds your friends and family.   In today's blog we will give you some fun ideas for bringing the beach to your Thanksgiving ta... View the full post »

Common Questions Kids Ask About the Beach

A trip to the beach raises many questions.  Kids tend to ask these questions out loud. But we bet you have asked yourself (or Google) the same things! Today we are going to try to answer some of the questions kids ask while visiting the beach. It's such ... View the full post »

Great Gifts For Beach People!

Buying a gift for a beach person is easy. After all, the beach is a pretty popular obsession, therefore, there are plenty of things your beach lover will adore! Whether you are looking for a practical gift or just something pretty that reminds your friend of their favorit... View the full post »

How to Find The Best Seashells in Sunset Beach

What activity is great for all ages, free, fun, educational – and you can do it all year round?  Hunting seashells, of course! Today on the blog we are going to tell you exactly how to find the best seashells on Sunset Beach. There are some tricks to the trade,... View the full post »