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Bird Watching for Beginners: How to Bird Watch on Your Beach Vacation

Birding 101: Bird-watching Around Sunset Beach Learning how to bird watch, also known as birding, can be a fantastic experience for you and your family on your beach vacation. It can help keep your kids busy learning and make every spot you go to more intriguing as yo... View the full post »

6 Cool Crabs You Can Find on Sunset Beach, NC

Crabs You Can See on Sunset Beach, NC If you love learning more about all the fantastic things you can find on the beach on your Sunset Beach vacation, you will love learning about all the crabs that live here! Many types of crabs live on Sunset Beach, but here are si... View the full post »

7 Interesting Facts About Dolphins You May Not Know

7 Reasons Dolphins are Amazing! If you're vacationing at Sunset Beach and hoping to see dolphins, you might be curious to know some amazing facts about them and how you can see them! They are some of the most fascinating marine mammals you can encounter and c... View the full post »