7 Interesting Facts About Dolphins You May Not Know

7 Interesting Facts About Dolphins You May Not Know | Sunset Vacations

7 Reasons Dolphins are Amazing!

If you're vacationing at Sunset Beach and hoping to see dolphins, you might be curious to know some amazing facts about them and how you can see them! 

They are some of the most fascinating marine mammals you can encounter and can add some fantastic memories to your family vacation. You might even see them playing out in the ocean from your oceanfront vacation rental, which will delight your entire family!

1. What Kinds of Dolphins Live Near Sunset Beach, NC?

Many species of dolphins live throughout the world, but the most common dolphin you will see near Sunset Beach are bottlenose dolphins.

They are a larger species of dolphins that can grow up to 12 feet in length and weigh up to 1400 pounds. They can live up to around 40 years old in the wild.

2. Where Do Dolphins Live?

Dolphins live all around the world's oceans but prefer living by the coast, where the waters are shallow and warmer.

3. What Are Dolphins Like to Be Around?

Dolphins are friendly creatures that are very intelligent. They like bonding together and are known to bond similarly to humans.

They usually stick together in dolphin pods of around 12 dolphins. They love to play and make toys from things like seaweed, logs, and other objects.

Or sometimes, they've been known to use sea sponges and seashells as tools. You can watch them jump in the waves or play near boats while cruising through the waters.

7 Interesting Facts About Dolphins You May Not Know | Sunset Vacations

4. What do Dolphins Eat?

They are carnivores and prefer to eat fish and squid, but they sometimes eat other things like crabs, shrimp, and other crustaceans.

5. How Do Dolphins Communicate?

Dolphins communicate by echolocation, which uses sound to detect objects around them. It is also known as bio sonar or biological sonar. Animals that use echolocation make a pattern of high-frequency clicks that bounce off things near them and listen for the echoes.

Dolphins have excellent hearing and can hear frequencies ten times higher than humans. The echoes bouncing off objects communicate information to dolphins to help them understand the shape or size of something like prey or how far away it is.

It helps them find food, escape danger, navigate the ocean, and communicate with other dolphins.

6. Physical Characteristics of Dolphins and Senses

They are agile swimmers and can do amazing things in the water, like jumping 20 feet in the air! They can stay underwater for up to eight minutes, dive up to 800 feet, and swim 18 miles per hour. They use their tail flukes to propel through the water, and their flippers help them to turn and steer.

Since they live in waters where danger can be all around them, they only sleep a couple of hours at a time but have a fascinating way they do it. 

They can sleep with only half of their brain, allowing the other half of their brain to stay awake and alert for danger. They can also sleep while swimming or floating at the water's surface.

7. Where Can You See Dolphins?

The best ways to see dolphins are by taking a dolphin cruise or a boat tour. Two great companies to try are Hurricane Fleet in Calabash and Myrtle Beach Watersports

Both companies have great tours and are happy to take you out so you can see them close up and take some pictures! If you plan to go fishing, surfing, or kayaking, you might spot dolphins that way, as many others have been lucky to do!

Sunset Beach is a gorgeous place to vacation for you and your whole family. Being on the lookout for dolphins will add to the magic of all there is to see and do while staying in this beautiful vacation destination spot! 

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7 Interesting Facts About Dolphins You May Not Know | Sunset Vacations

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