Do You Want to Know the Beautiful Truth About Fall in Sunset Beach?

Fall in Sunset Beach

Leaves rustling. Apple cider and cinnamon scented air courtesy of all the bakeries and coffee shops with their doors open in welcome. The soft sweet sound of waves lapping at the shore to lull you into some priceless tranquility. 

Fall is such a dreamy time of year! The heat of summer tapers off, the chill of winter is yet to be in the air, and gorgeous colors emerge that you don’t get to witness at any other time of the year. 

What do you think about when you think of fall? Hot chocolate? Apple cider? Northern climates? You probably don’t think about the beach. But you should think about Sunset Beach in the fall! For fall in Sunset Beach is pretty much the most perfect time to visit! Let us show you exactly what we are talking about. 

The Weather is PerfectFall Beach Walk

Beachside is always the perfect place to be - relaxing, peaceful, and rejuvenating. The only drawback there can ever be to a beach vacation is the heat. Which is why fall is such a perfect time to visit Sunset Beach! In the fall, especially early fall, there is still the gorgeous green that the summer's heat and rain created, the sun shines full and bright in the air, but cool breezes blow in along with the cooling temperatures of September and October and November. 

Your Kids Will Be Happier

Have you noticed how your kids get fussy when they’re hot? They want to come inside, or want some ice cream, or they just don’t know what they want (though you know a little cool weather is exactly what they need to set them right). You will get to avoid all this fussing in the fall with the cooler temperatures! In fact, your children will beg to stay outside and play all day, giving you the peace you long for so desperately. Which means that Sunset Beach in the fall is more family friendly than any other time of year! 

There is Less Risk of Sunburn

With the cooler weather brought on at least partially by a less intense sun, your risk of sunburn goes down in the fall! Plus, the fact that you are probably wearing a little more clothing helps, too. Of course, you still must remember to apply sunscreen if you are going to be outside for any length of time otherwise the cool weather will keep you from feeling a burn as it progresses. (Yes, it is still possible to get a sunburn in the fall, just less likely!)

And Less Risk of Dehydration

Since the cooler weather of fall means that you are sweating less, it means that you will also become less dehydrated during the day! Of course, you will want to still pack your water bottle around with you and drink regularly from it during the day! After all, you can get dehydrated at any time during the year if you just don’t drink water. Still, it is nice in the fall to not have to think about drinking extra water while at the beach!

The Beach is Quieter

Maybe this reason should have come first! After all, who doesn’t want to indulge in a quiet beachside vacation? When fall comes to Sunset Beach, and brings the advent of school with it, the beach crowd deliciously thins out. Now, we know that the start of school might make it hard for you to come to the beach, too. However, if you can make it work, a trip to the beach during the fall is delightfully rejuvenating since you have so much extra space and quiet to yourselves! 

Fall in Sunset Beach is such a beautiful, restful, and yet invigorating season! It is full of peace, of quiet, and of brilliant beauty. Really, it is the perfect time to vacation here. And we have the perfect vacation rentals in Sunset Beach for you. Fall is a very fleeting season, sadly, so hurry and book your vacation now! Before it is too late. 


Fall in Sunset Beach

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