7 Remarkable and Free Vacation Blessings for You to Discover

7 Remarkable and Free Vacation Blessings for You to Discover 

It’s that time of year: Thanksgiving time! One of our favorite times of year here at Sunset Beach. The beautiful fall air is wafting through, making us think of pumpkin pie, hot chocolate, and apple cider. We start thinking about family, and fun, and all the beautiful blessings that have bloomed in our lives over the past year. 

What beautiful blessings have blossomed in your life this year? Here are 7 remarkable and free vacation blessings for you to discover during your next fabulous stay with us in Sunset Beach! This is just the tip of the iceberg, though. Make your own list! You know what they say about counting your blessings - it makes the whole world a better place.


1). The Fresh AirThe Fresh Air

Have you been suffering from allergies all summer? Headaches? A cold? The fresh air blowing in off of the ocean cleanses the air of allergens, and whisks the germs (well, a lot of them, anyway!) away. Plus, there is something so invigorating about fresh ocean air. It makes you feel more alive. And certainly banishes most headaches. 

2). The Ocean

The ocean is another free blessing you can be thankful for this Thanksgiving season. The rhythmic in and out of the waves, plus the crash as they break against the shore, is enough alone to send many people to sleep. It brings peace and calm into your life. Which we all need a lot more of. So let the ocean calm you and relax you on your next vacation - you need the reprieve!

3). Time Away From Work

Ah, time away from work! It’s what most all of us dream of, isn’t it? A break. A vacation. A reprieve from the day to day grind of normal life. Such a reprieve is exactly what you are going to get here at Sunset Beach when you vacation with us! So, take a vacation. It is time to destress. Make an appointment with yourself to do just that!

4). Time for Family BondingTime For Family Bonding


A vacation, time away from work, this all gives you time for family bonding! You know, that activity you aren’t able to do because you are too busy with work, after school actives, active babies and toddlers, etc. While you are on vacation, you actually have the time to sit with your family after dinner. To read and extra book (or two, or three) to your toddler. To take a really long walk with your partner and older kids and just talk. Yes, vacationing is a perfect time for family bonding. And it is definitely another blessing you can be thankful for during this season. 

5). Time for More Sleep

This is definitely a blessing we would all be incredibly happy to be able to be thankful for this season! While on vacation, you can ditch your alarm, go to bed early, and get an hour extra sleep both at night and in the morning. Now, doesn’t that sound like pure bliss? 

6). Healthy Treats

Good health is always something to be thankful for! Of course, on vacation, it is time to treat yourself. Well, we are here to tell you that you can be thankful for healthy treats! That’s right. Here is a delicious recipe that you could make in your lovely vacation rental. And here is a post about some delicious restaurants that serve healthy but treat-feeling dishes. 

7). Time to Just BeTime to Just Be

This might just be the greatest Thanksgiving season blessing of all. How many times do you wish, as you run through your day, that you wish you could just sit and savor your cup of coffee rather than gulping the scalding liquid on your way to work (or while you try to keep your child from tossing your computer off the table while they are simultaneously mixing an unusual dirt combination on your kitchen floor). Well, while on vacation, you have the time so that you can sip your coffee in relative quiet. And so that you can soak in the tub. Or take an extra long shower. Doesn't that sound delight? And certainly like something to be thankful for!

What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving season? Are you relishing every moment you are given? Book now with us and take a vacation so that you have the time to breath, savor life, and be thankful! 


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