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Make Beach Vibes Last with These 10 Simple Strategies

Back to school. Back to work. Back to reality. The only real problem with booking a vacation on Sunset Beach is going home! We feel the same way, so we sat around brainstorming ways to keep that beach vibe going, even after the sun has set on your vacation.   ... View the full post »

What Happens When Beach and Science Meet? Easy Experiments Kids Love

There is so much to discover when visiting the ocean with your children. Every sense is engaged! Just because you're on vacation doesn’t mean you should stop learning. Here are a few simple science experiments to try using materials from the beach.   ... View the full post »

Our Fall Picks for the Best Beach Reads

We think nothing sounds better than sitting on a warm beach with a great book in your hand. Here are a few interesting choices we think you will love. This list includes a few genres including historical fiction, inspirational, mystery and of course, romance.    ... View the full post »

Steal These Vacation Beach House Style Ideas Now!

Sunset Vacations is proud to manage over 250 rental properties and we have seen so many ideas for fabulous beach decor! Some homes have a classic nautical vibe using traditional blues, grays and whites, while others dial up the sunny fun with bright colors and patter... View the full post »