5 Fun Ways to Do Sunset Beach in the Fall

 5 Fun Ways to Do Sunset Beach in the Fall

Guess what? While the beach is a lovely, relaxing, beautiful place in the summer, it is also perfect in the fall. In fact, fall might be an even more delightful time to visit Sunset Beach than the summer! 

Why? Well, check out the following five fun ways to do Sunset Beach in the fall. And then book your dream vacation for your family with us now

1). Soak Up the Sun All DaySoak Up the Sun

With the coming of beautiful, cooler weather, you no longer have to worry about overheating. Instead you can stay out all day on the beach, soaking up the sun and participating in all of the activities that you relish. Just make sure that you take care of yourself, staying hydrated. Also, remember that just because the sun feels cooler on your skin than in the summer, that doesn’t mean you won’t burn. Even on a hazy day too much sun exposure can lead to a sunburn if you stay out too long. Just make sure that you put on sunscreen, drink plenty of water, and maybe even try to wear a hat, if you are going to stay out for long in the sun. If you take the proper precautions, though, you can stay out as long as you desire without any adverse affect. 

2). Take in a Spectacular Musical Show

If, despite the beautifully cooling weather, you wish to stay inside one evening, then you will definitely want to check out the Alabama Theater. Don’t worry, the theater isn’t in Alabama. Instead, the name comes from the group of Country music stars, Alabama. Since 1993 when the theater first opened, its repertoire has greatly expanded to now include shows that are music and dance extravaganzas filled with multiple genres. 

3). Take a Ride on the BeachTake a Ride

If you, or someone in your family, loves horses, then you will definitely want to indulge in a ride on the beach while you are vacationing with us! At Inlet Point Plantation you can join a 1 hour beach ride, or a 2 hour combined plantation and beach ride. 

4). Visit a Winery

Another fabulous activity for the cooling weather is sipping a glass of wine in the beautiful environs of a winery. La Belle Amie Vineyard is a beautiful, operating vineyard that is open to the public for wine tastings, picnics, and of course gift shop browsing. You will definitely want to check this beautiful, and delicious, place out. Maybe, you will even want to bring a bottle or two back with you as a delightful memento of your vacation. 

5). Make Time for Medieval Times

If you have school aged children and are looking for a more family friendly activity than wine touring, you will want to check out the Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament in Myrtle Beach. Enjoy an evening filled with knights of old battling for the sake of honor and recognition. While watching the fascinating show, you can also enjoy a dinner worthy of a Medieval lord or lady.

Sunset Beach is full of exciting, cool-weather accommodating activities. In fact, once you vacation with us in the fall, it might become your absolute favorite time to visit. Hurry and book now with us before all of our gorgeous homes are gone. For you deserve some rejuvenation this fall before the crazy holiday season arrives!


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