How to Easily Make Delicious and Light Salmon


When you head out on vacation, do you expect in the back of your mind that you will go out to eat every day, filling yourself with heavy sauces and rich dishes, and coming back with a few extra pounds that you are toting around? After all, vacation and clean, healthy eating surely can’t go hand in hand, can they? Ah, think again! For here at Sunset Beach, you can have it all: vacation, relaxation, good health, and good clean eating. 

Now are you wondering how this can be? How you could go on vacation and come back having lost weight, if that is what you wanted? Well, the secret is creating a few delicious and healthy meals in your own Sunset Beach rental’s kitchen! To help you in this delicious and fun venture, we have below a delightful (and simple!) recipe for grilled salmon and lemon kebabs from Skinny Taste, a food blog that we love. This main dish, while being light and healthy, will feel decadent, just like vacation food should. Salmon, while having a reputation for being very rich and filling, is packed with wonderfully healthy omega-3s and fatty acids. This means that it will help make your skin glow (which is exactly the look you want when you come back from vacation!) and help you to feel naturally full before you have consumed too many calories. The lemon adds a brightness to this dish, and provides a perfect contrast to the delectable richness of the salmon. 

The Recipe: Grilled Salmon and Lemon Kebabs 



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