Sunset Beach, NC News and Events

Here is Why Sunset Beach Rentals are Perfect to Share!

Renting a beach home with another family is awesome.   It can save you money and make everything more fun. Whether you choose to meet up with friends or family members, Sunset Beach rentals are perfect to share. We have available rental homes in every shape ... View the full post »

Historical Facts, Sites and Landmarks Near Sunset Beach, NC

Welcome to Sunset Beach, NC!! We are so much more than just a beach vacation rental destination. Our little town is the hidden gem of the North Carolina coast, and we are so excited to share a few of the things that make her so special. There is the abundant beauty of the At... View the full post »

5 Easy Tips for Sun Safety During Your Sunset Beach Vacation

Sun and beach go together like peanut butter and jelly. No matter the time of year you are taking your Sunset Beach vacation, you are bound to encounter the sun. Even cloudy days on the coast can produce enough UV light to cause damage to skin if the necessary precautions ... View the full post »