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The Best Winter Activities to Try at the Beach

Winter is a super cool time to visit the beach! No, really! Not only are you saving tons of money on your Sunset Beach rental by visiting during the off-season, you are enjoying the beach in a whole new way. Here are 18 activities you can do when you visit Sunse... View the full post »

Cozy Winter Reads For Beach Lovers

Reading a good book on the beach is the best. But if it's a little chilly out, reading a book ABOUT the beach is the next best thing! Here is a list of books for beach lovers. Grab one from your local library or browse Amazon and transport yourself back to the sunny s... View the full post »

Where to Grab a Great Breakfast in Sunset Beach, NC

Mmmmm .... it's time for breakfast! There is something special about grabbing breakfast on vacation. The comforting clatter of dishes behind the counter, the delicious smells of bacon, pastries and coffee, and a wonderful, homey atmosphere all contribute to our lo... View the full post »

Day Trips You Should Take During Your Sunset Beach Vacation

A Sunset Beach vacation rental is perfect when you need a quiet, relaxing home-away-from-home. Sunset Beach itself is a peaceful, relaxing little beach town, devoid of large crowds, loud clubs and tourist traps. That is what makes Sunset Beach so great! That being sa... View the full post »