Day Trips You Should Take During Your Sunset Beach Vacation

Day Trips You Should Take During Your Sunset Beach Vacation

A Sunset Beach vacation rental is perfect when you need a quiet, relaxing home-away-from-home. Sunset Beach itself is a peaceful, relaxing little beach town, devoid of large crowds, loud clubs and tourist traps. That is what makes Sunset Beach so great! 

That being said, you may be seeking a little more excitement during your beach vacation. No worries! There are several awesome choices within easy driving distance of Sunset Beach. Towns where you will find tons to do ... from historical landmarks to awesome shopping. Check out our list of day trips you should take next time you visit Sunset Beach. Then, return home to your Sunset Beach rental and breathe a big sigh of relief that you have chosen such a great place to rest your head after a fun day out and about. 

Calabash Restaurants | Sunset Vacations


If you are looking for authentic "Calabash-style" seafood, well, you must visit Calabash, NC! Located just 10 minutes from our Sunset Vacations office, you better believe we spend a lot of time there, eating, shopping, and enjoying all the local flavor. 

Also known as the "Seafood Capital of the World", there is plenty to do here. Read our blog to learn more! 

Southport | Sunset Vacations


Located just under 50 minutes from Sunset Beach, Southport is the perfect little day trip. It has tons of wonderful restaurants, great shopping, fun coffee shops, interesting events and easy access to the Oak Island Lighthouse and Bald Head Island (just hop on a ferry!).

Southport is known as an "artist's haven" so be sure to check out the local talent. History buffs will also find plenty to learn! 

Bird Island | Sunset Vacations

Bird Island

Leave the car at the rental! Home to the infamous Kindred Spirit Mailbox, this stretch of protected land is easily accessible by walking west along Sunset Beach. 

Whether you seek sand, surf, sand dollars or sunsets, Bird Island is perfect for you. Read on to learn how to get there, what to do, and why it’s important to our local area.

The Green Swamp Preserve

Green Swamp Preserve

This beautiful place is perfect for a hike with the family! "Famous for its carnivorous plants and magnificent orchids", The Green Swamp Preserve is located just a half-hour from Sunset Beach.

 You will feel as if you have entered another world as you stroll past interesting plants that don't grow anywhere else. Keep your eyes open for cool bugs, lizards, and watch out for the occasional alligator! 

Bald Head Island Lighthouse | Sunset Vacations

Bald Head Island Lighthouse

Would climbing a lighthouse complete your ideal beach vacation? You are in luck, because a quick day trip to Bald Head Island will check this item off your bucket list. 

Located on a quiet barrier island off the coast of Southport, you can get there in under two hours from Sunset Beach. Visit one of North Carolina's oldest standing lighthouses, "Old Baldy". Bald Head Island is famous for being a car-free, peaceful retreat where you will find clean beaches, opportunities to kayak or ride bikes, and a few little restaurants and shops.

Myrtle Beach | Sunset Vacations

Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach is just 40 minutes from Sunset Beach, just beyond the NC/SC border. There you will find a whole new world of restaurants, activities, shows, music, bars and much more. 

Spend some time at Broadway at the Beach (pictured), ride the SkyWheel, take in a round of golf, visit a park, try a new restaurant and go shopping before you head back to peaceful little Sunset Beach for some much needed rest! 

Proximity to these towns and attractions is part of what makes Sunset Beach so special. Situated right on the NC / SC border, we are just a small part of a really cool area. Come explore with us! 

Book your sunset beach rental today! 

Day Trips You Should Take During Your Sunset Beach Vacation

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