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Want to Get Married in Sunset Beach? We Can Help!

This blog was updated on February 6, 2023, to reflect current information and more information about weddings in Sunset Beach. Dreaming of a beach wedding?  Or perhaps, you just want to celebrate your reception or honeymoon here? You migh... View the full post »

Kids! Print This Beach-Themed Scavenger Hunt

Get ready to do a fun beach-themed scavenger hunt! Print this scavenger hunt before your next Sunset Beach vacation. Kids love the beach, but sometimes the novelty of the sun and sand wears off after a couple of days. That's when it's time to hand them a quick... View the full post »

Cheers! Breweries and Wine Bars Near Sunset Beach, NC

Do you love to try new wines & beers?  Vacation is the perfect time to do it. The area around Sunset Beach is home to several fun breweries and wineries that are sure to entertain the "over 21" set in your group! Today on the blog we will direct you to a few ... View the full post »

How to Fly a Kite On the Beach

If you are like most people, you buy a kite, run around with it, and hope it will end up in the sky. But as we did a little research for this blog, we realized that there are actually some tricks that will help your kite get airborne, stay airborne, and hopefully not impa... View the full post »