Traveling With Teenagers? Top Tips For a Terrific Trip!

Traveling With Teenagers? Top Tips For a Terrific Trip!

Are you about to embark on a vacation with teens?  

There are a lot of positive aspects when traveling with older kids. Sure, toddlers are cute and all, but they are SO much work. Teens can dress, feed, and bathe themselves. They don't require constant entertainment, and can actually appreciate a great meal out without throwing food on the floor! 

Today's blog offers a few ideas to make your vacation with teens the best ever.

Teenagers on the Beach | Sunset Vacations

Ask for their input. 

Planning a vacation is a lot of work. Make it easier on yourself and enlist your teen. He can research things to do, restaurants to try, and help with the vacation budget. By participating in the vacation planning process, he will be happier with the itinerary and not feel like he is just being dragged along for the ride. 

Allow plenty of freedom. 

Teenagers hate to feel micromanaged. You know your teen best, and how much they are able to handle. If you trust her to explore the town or beach on her own, Sunset Beach is a great place to do that. It's a safe little town and very walkable. Once she arrives back at the vacation rental, she might have even discovered some new spots you can check out as a family. 

Don't over schedule. 

Want to see every single historical site? Hoping to visit the Battleship, museum, and shop at antique stores all day? Well, you may want to let the teens stay back while you enjoy those outings on your own! Luckily, teens are old enough to hang out at the vacation rental (or beach) alone - a luxury you did NOT have when they were little. Offer the outing to your teen, but don't force it too much. It's vacation for them, too. 

Food is a priority! 

Teenagers are always hungry, so it's important to keep that vacation rental fridge stocked with plenty of healthy snacks, fixings for sandwiches, beverages and more. Stop by a local grocery store for the basics. Meals out can get expensive with hungry teens, so meal planning is especially important. Read this blog to learn more about meal planning for a vacation. 

Let them sleep. 

It might seem wasteful, letting a teenager sleep until 11:00 am when the sun is shining, the waves are crashing, and the beach is beckoning. But, to a teenager, that morning lie-in is absolute heaven. It's what "vacation" is all about. When they finally stumble into the vacation rental kitchen, hungry and groggy, they will be even more ready for a fun day out and about. Their body clock tells them to stay up late - so see if you can take a quick nap around 2 pm and stay up late for a family-friendly game night or an after-dinner walk around town. That's when your teen is at her best - don't miss it! 

Consider allowing your teen to bring a friend on vacation. 

When you book a vacation rental, you have more space than when you stay in a hotel. There are separate bedrooms and living spaces, so an extra kid becomes an asset, not a liability. Think about allowing your teen to bring her bestie on your family vacation. Your teen will be happier, and probably on her best behavior in front of her peer. She will have someone to hang out with on the beach, and not resent the fact that she is on a "family vacation". You will see more smiles for photos, too! 

Try new things - for their sake.  

Your teen is firmly in the "risk-taking" phase of life. Want to bond with your teenager? You need to try something new to show them you've still got it. Your kid will appreciate that you are putting in the effort. Whether it's something simple like skim boarding or fishing, or something more daring like taking a surf lesson, every experience you have together can cement your bond and create amazing vacation memories! 

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Traveling with teenagers can be so rewarding! We hope this blog has been helpful, and that you are looking forward to your next amazing adventure in Sunset Beach, North Carolina. 

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Traveling With Teenagers? Top Tips For a Terrific Trip!

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